• Lead in surface coatings set forth in 16 CFR 1303

Regulations for Jewelry
  • European Lead content limits for jewelry as set out in Commission Regulation No 836/2012/EC amending REACH regulation 1907/2006/EC
  • European Nickel release limits for jewelry as set out in REACH regulation 1907/2006/EC
  • European Cadmium content limits for jewelry as set out in the REACH regulation 1907/2006/EC
  • China Industrial Standard QB/T 2997 – 2008 Adornment with Precious Metal Coating
  • China GB 28480-2012 adornment-provision for limit of baneful elements
  • Limits for lead in jewelry and surface coatings as set forth in California S.B. 646, amending California Health & Safety Code §25214.2 et. Seq. (commonly known as California Jewelry Law)

Regulations for Children´s Jewelry, Textile and Accessories (3 – 14 years)
  • CPSIA, lead limit set forth in 16 CFR 1500 (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act), US 74 Fed. Reg. 43031
  • ASTM F 2923-11 Standard Specification for Consumer Product Safety for Children’s Jewelry
  • ASTM F963-11, Safety of toys, section, limits of heavy metal migration
  • Cadmium migration limits set forth in Illinois 430 ILCS 140 amended by H.B. 5040 – Cadmium Safe Kids Act
  • Cadmium migration limits set forth in Minnesota Statues 325E.3891 – Cadmium in Children’s Jewelry
  • California S.B. 929 amending the California Health & Safety Code §25241.1 et.seq.*
  • Connecticut Gen. Stat. 21a Sec 21a-12d – Cadmium in Children’s Products*
  • Maryland Code §6-1402 – Cadmium in Children’s Jewelry*
  • Korean quality Management and Safety Control of Industrial Products Act*

Electric and Electronic Products
  • Limits of heavy metal content set forth in European RoHS (Directive 2011/65/EC)*
  • Korean Act for Resource Recycling of Electrical/Electronic Products and Automobiles* and
  • Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS)*

  • Limits of heavy metal content set forth in European Packaging Directive 94/62/EC* and
  • Toxics in Packaging Regulation as adopted by certain of the United States (TPCH)*



Although lead free (Crystal glass containing 0.009 % lead or less) please note that the following colors are not compliant to the regulations marked with a (*) above: Siam, Light Siam, Hyacinth.